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I am currently continuing my education in Spiritual Direction with the goal to help others grow in their well-being and faith. The desire to write has been with me since childhood, and I feel it is time for me to get back to basics. My previous ten years of employment involved social work in the healthcare sector and non-profit work with the homeless and those going through recovery. The overlap of these two different fields had a commonality: helping people analyze their current situations and helping them realize healthier life choices were within their reach.

MA Religion from Trevecca University – Nashville

BA Communications/ Minor English Writing and Composition from University of Tennessee – Chattanooga

Certificate of Continuing Education from Education for Ministry (EfM)

Vice-President, St. Elizabeth of Hungary Chapter, The Order of the Daughters of the King, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church-Nashville

“The reflections on a day well spent furnish us with joys more pleasing than ten thousand triumphs.”

Thomas à Kempis
Photo by Katie Rea
  • Walking Through Fear to Joy

    I Worried I worried a lot. Will the garden grow, will the riversflow in the right direction, will the earth turnas it was taught, and if not how shallI correct it?Was I right, was I wrong, will I be forgiven,can I do better?Will I ever be able to sing, even the sparrowscan do it and […]

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  • Moments Caught in Time

    “Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.” Margaret Peters As an amateur photographer, I love finding the magic in the mundane. A delicate crimson rose peeking out among the bramble, the sun as it waves along the tree tops, the smile of joy captured on a child’s face, all in a […]

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  • Befriending Silence

    “Speech is silver, silence is golden.” Proverb “What on earth are you searching for?” A close family member asked this question of me and, I have to admit, the question took me by surprise. I didn’t realize I was searching for something. I guess it’s a personality trait. The Enneagram test shows me as a […]

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  • A Tale of Haunted Charleston, SC

    When it’s the dead of night and you find yourself walking along cobblestone streets in Charleston, South Carolina, it is easy to believe in ghosts. And Charleston certainly has it’s share of ghost stories.  So, when my husband and I found ourselves there on Halloween week of all weeks, I signed us up for a […]

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  • The Power of Presence

    One of the most difficult things I’ve ever done was to “stand helplessly and give witness to another’s pain without turning away or ignoring it or trying to fix it.” I’ve had Pastoral Care training, but I couldn’t do anything for her. At the time I felt miserably stupid. I didn’t feel like I helped. […]

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  2. Wonderful post, Katie! Thank you.


    1. Thank you! I appreciate you!


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